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Last update: 2016-09-01 11:54:27

Injection molding is one of the most common plastics conversion processes. It is a fast and efficient way of producing many everyday articles with a high degree of precision.

From mono-material injection to bi-material injection, with overmoulding of metal inserts, our Injection department can offer a high technology industrial solution to all your needs for converting plastics.

Our main market is the automotive industry. We produce/assemble plastic parts for the Peugeot, Volvo, Wolksvagen etc. As a TIER2/TIER3 company, our most fundamental aim is to be in service of our customers at a high level which includes complying with the quality requirements. The company is in possession of the ISO9002 quality assuring system and in 2014 we will install the ISO 14001 and TS ISO system.

Autóipari termékek

      Our technologies:
  • Mono-material and bi-material injection
  • overmolding of metal inserts (with vertical injection machines)
  • Assembly
  • US welding
  • Surface finishes such as painting, printing etc

We also produce many different plastic products for other industries, such as caps, electronic parts, cosmetic jars, laboratory equipment etc.

We have been manufacturing  quality injection and blow moulds since the inception of our company. With this background we can guaranty the continuous and safety injection process.

From design of parts to injection trials, through rheology, engineering and creation of the hot runner, Ferroplast perfectly masters all aspects of injection tools.

 By reducing delivery term and using our manpower and Know-how efficiently, we guarantee the best quality products to our customers and at the same time we promise them to do our best to solve their problems and difficulties with which they confront in developing new product and production